3 Ways To Turn Dried Palm Leaves Into Gorgeous Home Decor

3 Ways To Turn Dried Palm Leaves Into Gorgeous Home Decor

Palm leaves are a natural, earthy addition to your decor and an excellent way to add texture and color to a room. Whether you're looking for an inexpensive way to decorate your home or you want a fun craft project, dried palm leaves can be used in a variety of ways.



Use Palm Leaves As Part Of A Chic Centerpiece

Palm leaves are great accent pieces on their own, but if you want something a little more interesting, try incorporating them into an existing centerpiece. You can place them around the base of flowers or place them directly on top of a platter or vase.

You could also use several different types of leaves together in one large arrangement. Simply tie them together with twine or rope and place them on top of an already-beautiful table arrangement. You can also use them to decorate buffet tables or bar areas.

Palm leaf centerpieces look best when paired with neutral colors like beige and white, but they can also work with other shades, such as gray and black. For example, try pairing these leaves with gray candles or gray stones as part of an elegant look that's perfect for holiday entertaining.

Another way to incorporate palm leaves into your decor is to use them as an accent piece on a side table or coffee table. Add one or two large palm leaves that will sit above or below any other items on the surface — books, pictures or vases — for an interesting focal point that's sure to catch people's attention!

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Use dried palm leaves as a placemat.

These are great for outdoor use, since they're so durable. If you have some extra large leaves, lay them flat on the table and then place your plates, cups and utensils on top of them. This can be a fun way to add some color and design interest to an otherwise boring meal!

Simply find some that match your color scheme, then arrange them in a way that's pleasing to your eye. If you want to add extra flair, consider adding some of the other items on this list, such as candles or stones. You can even try placing some fresh flowers in between the leaves to add a pop of color and make your table look extra special.

Remember, this is going to be a temporary placemat, so don't worry about making it perfect! It's all about getting the look you want while still being functional.


Create a wreath to hang on your front door.

Palm leaves are a great material for creating wreaths. You can use them to create a simple, circular shape by weaving the leaves together. Alternatively, you could cut out an outline of your state or country on paper and tape it onto some palm leaves. Then, add flowers or other decorations around the edges of this design to create a more elaborate look. If you want to get creative with this craft, try decorating them with other items like seashells or small pieces of driftwood. You can also use some of the other items on this list for extra flair.

It's also a great way to show off your personality, since you can use whatever materials you have on hand. For example, if you're planning a fall or Halloween party, think about using leaves or other fall-themed decorations. You could also use items like pumpkins or gourds as accents for the wreath. This is a great way to decorate for the holidays, and you can use it year-round. It's also really easy to make. Simply cut out some leaves from construction paper or other materials and glue them around a circle of wire. Then hang the wreath on your front door, or wherever else you'd like!

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With their colorful pattern and decorative flair, dried palm leaves are a wonderful way to decorate your home, even if you don't live in a tropical area. By turning the leaves into centerpieces, placemats, and wreaths, you can add a little island flair to your Thanksgiving table, or celebrate summer year round with style. These ideas are among the many innovative ways you can enjoy this beautiful leafy souvenir--so get creative and start creating!